Lauren Conrad Is Pregnant

Lauren Conrad is pregnant, and Pinterest boards everywhere will never be the same. LC took the world by storm as the best character on Laguna Beachif you’re Team Kristin, stop reading now and reevaluate your life (and yes, they’re all characters). She’s since established her own lifestyle/fashion/goals brand. Whoever thought we’d take style advice from a girl who wore chunky headbands and baby-doll tank tops?

Lauren got married to William Tell, who was in the band Something Corporate (see: “Punk Rock Princess”), back in 2014, and now they’re expecting their first child. So even if you have a mental breakdown at Les Deux at age 22, you can still turn your life around. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a pic of her ultrasound, like it was a polaroid of her besties at Coachella. Personally, I would have preferred a slow-mo video of Lauren happy crying with a mascara tear falling.

Lauren Conrad mascara tear

So congrats to LC and William. But even if she’s a mom, she’ll still always be the girl who didn’t go to Paris.


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