Omggaawd The Lips & Lashes Pillows Are Back!!!

They’re back!!! 

Pillows have been a core part of all great betches’ past. Aurora KO’d for a good sixteen years until she found a rich dude, and you slept through first and second period in high school most days. That’s why we invented the most chic and luxurious pillows for your favorite pastime. And while I would say that these are the greatest invention since sliced bread, these must be a lot fucking better because I’ve never gone to the store and seen bread just completely sold out?!? Not to brag but we’ve sold out of these pillow cases in Kylie Jenner lip kit speeds. 

We’ve changed up the material a bit to make them EVEN softer and wonderful and full and great and just everything right in the world. We’ve left the designs the same because, I mean, obvs, they’re PERFECT.


Lashes Pillow Case

The lashes pillows are just like you. Beautiful even when your eyes are closed, like when you’re asleep or just in, like, a reallllly boring conversation.

Lips Pillow Case

The lips pillows have perfectly nailed two very important insta pouts.This is beauty sleep evolved.



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