Lamar Odom Booked A One-Way Ticket To Rock Bottom (Again)

If you haven’t memorized the timeline of Lamar Odom’s downward spiral, then please go marathon Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Here’s the Cliff Notes version: girl marries boy, boy does crack and cheats on girl, girl tries to divorce him, boy almost OD’s in a brothel, girl helps boy get healthy again, boy gets drunk on an airplane. A tale as old as airport bars and reality TV.

Yesterday Lamar got blackout at the LAX Delta lounge then puked in the plane’s bathroom. Honestly, that sounds like me flying home for Christmas vacation. But then it got a lot worse. Homeboy walked back to his seat after being escorted off the plane with vomit on his shirt and used the other first class passenger’s heads to help balance. The mental image of that is an alcoholic playing duck duck goose. After the world’s worst walk of shame, I assume Lamar screamed that there was a colonial woman churning butter on the plane’s wing. He was then “gently” forced off of the plane, so that everyone else could GTFO.

Old habits die hard I guess. But godspeed for Khloé’s divorce.


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