Lady Gaga’s 30th Birthday Party Was Star-Studded AF

Lady Gaga is officially 30 years old now, and last weekend Gaga threw herself a huge birthday party in Los Angeles. Gaga has come a long way from the days of meat dresses and triangle leotards, and she looked pretty fucking hot wearing a gold YSL dress and the tallest heels ever. The dress had still had a huge belt and giant shoulder pads, so it was just enough outside the box to make Gaga happy, but she looked great with fiancé Taylor Kinney hanging on her arm.

The guest list for the party was pretty incredible, headed by none other than Miss Taylor Swift. Taylor wore a black sequin jumpsuit, and as much as we hate to admit it, she looked great. A very pregnant Chrissy Teigen went for a skintight bra and pants look, but we’re really starting to wonder if she’s ever going to have the baby. Kate Hudson wore a dress that was literally held together with safety pins across the boobs, and Lana Del Rey looked like she came straight from the beach in a floral dress that really could just be a cover-up.

Happy 30th birthday Gaga, now please tell us how to get Kate Hudson to come to our birthday party.


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