Labor Day Drinks: So Long, Summer

Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted, but tis the season for sweaters and hot (alcoholic) chocolate and boots.

But before we send summer on its way, we need to pay homage to the warm times that were with a fancy as fuck drank. It’s time to drown our sorrows in a glass or six of strawberry punch – served up two different ways. Oh, and this isn’t like, an homage to the strawberry/red fruit/not naturally flavored Hawaiian Punch jungle juice that we still have nightmares about.

These all make a large pitcher of booze drank, so invite some betches over and sit in your bikinis. Or don’t and just drink the pitcher alone. That’s fine, too.

Strawberry Apple Punch

·         1 750 mL bottle Lucano Amaro – fancy and out there, your hipster friends won’t even have heard of it
·         1 ½ cups fresh squeezed lemon juice – only use bottled if you’re like, poor
·         1 ½ cups fresh strawberry puree OR strawberry jam – get low sugar so you don’t have a diabetic episode
·         1 bottle hard cider  – we used Crispin

Grab a giant pitcher and combine all of your ingredients. Fill with ice and top with the hard cider. We’re pretty sure this drink technically counts as three servings of fruit. GO US! My dietician will be proud.

Gin-Tastic Strawberry Punch

·         15 quartered strawberries – yes it’s work but like, make your boyfriend do it
·         6 fresh basil leaves
·         Juice from 6 limes
·         1 ½ cups simple syrup – you can also use agave nectar
·         3 cups gin – we used G’Vine Gin cause it’s small batch and fancy
·         2 cups white grape juice

Muddle the strawberries, basil, lime juice, and simple syrup/agave together in a giant pitcher. Add the gin and grape juice then add ice. Stir gently and serve.


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