Kylie Jenner And Tyga Are Back Together, Kill Us Now


That was our approximate reaction when we found out that yes, Kylie Jenner is back with Tyga. The two have been seen out and about together a number of times in the last couple weeks, and now it’s been confirmed that Kylie is giving Tyga one more chance.

This is awful on so many levels.

First, Tyga is a scumbag!!! He’s cheated on Kylie multiple times before, and started talking shit about her the second they broke up before. He buys her nice things, but he genuinely doesn’t seem like he has his shit together enough to do her right. To celebrate getting back with Kylie, he got a new $45K diamond grill. Ew.


Second, Kylie is so young! She’s still only 18, and has already spent two years of her life on the fucking Tyga roller coaster. She should really treat herself to a decent man that won’t fuck around on her, or at least a man with a little less baggage. What happened to PARTYNEXTDOOR? He seemed nice.

Which brings us to number three, Blac Chyna. As we all know, Blac Chyna is marrying Rob Kardashian, and is also pregnant with his child. You might have forgotten that Blac Chyna ALSO HAS A KID WITH TYGA. The two are clearly not on good terms, so this is basically guaranteed to cause a shitload of drama, especially with wedding/baby stuff coming up soon.

Basically we have no words for how terrible this is, and we really hope Kylie stops thinking about lip kits long enough to realize she deserves something better, or at least not the guy who’s about to be an uncle to his own son. Ugh.


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