Kylie And Tyga Spotted Holding Hands, Being Gross At Kanye’s Premiere

Just when we thought keeping up was confusing enough already, Kylie and Tyga threw us another curveball this weekend by showing up to an event together and being very PDA. Kanye premiered his “Famous” music video to a select audience, and the only thing weirder than seeing half off Hollywood in bed together was seeing Kylie and Tyga all over each other.

Apparently Kylie and Tyga were literally holding hands and kissing at the premiere—that is, when Kylie wasn’t too busy on Snapchat. A source gave over the generous info that Kylie and Tyga are “not back together officially” as of now, but have “started seeing each other again romantically.”

I think next time we hear about a Kardashian breakup, we’ll just ignore it, since they all seem to be getting back together. Like, we were totally invested in the Khloé-Lamar divorce drama, and we literally shed a tear when Scott cried over his breakup with Kourtney. This shit is getting too complicated.


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