Kylie Jenner Finally Joined The Family And Posed Topless

Join us and think back for a moment to before you had done your first topless magazine cover—so crazy, right? You were so young and innocent! Okay, back to reality. While your only topless photos are the ones you sometimes send your ex on Snapchat, things are a little different for the Kardashian/Jenners.

This week, while we were awaiting the new fall lip kits (have you seen Moon bc omg) Kylie’s new Complex Magazine cover debuted, and it’s the first magazine she’s ever posed topless before. If this seems surprising, don’t worry, she’s done plenty of other equally as slutty looks, but in this one her bare boobs are only covered by some beige latex gloves she’s wearing.



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Obviously Kylie looks gorgeous, but we’re not sure why so many celebs are into beige latex, because it basically looks like you’re wearing a fancy condom. Like, pick a color that’s not flesh.

In the interview, Kylie opens up about her relationship with Tyga, promising for the millionth time that they’re really actually in love, at least until he gets bored again. She even made everyone but Tyga leave the photoshoot set because she didn’t want them all to see her topless, which is about the most romantic thing she’s ever said. They also asked about her lip injections, because we haven’t already been through that twelve times.

Congrats on going topless, Ky, it only goes downhill from here.


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