The Inevitable Happened: Kylie Jenner Got a Tattoo

So the ever classy, Kylie Jenner, got “inked,” as they say in Brooklyn, 2 days ago. After supporting Caitlyn (so hard to not write her name with K, amirite?) at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Kylie felt that the night was a little slow, so she stopped off to see some guy named “Bang Bang.” Can we just stop this story here for a second. Where is Kris Jenner? I feel like when your 18-year-old daughter says she’s going to see someone named BANG BANG, some red flags should be raised???

But anyway, since we are talking about the Kardashians, the red flags were obviously ignored. So little K apparently got a pretty little chic tattoo on her side of simple black text. No one knows what it says yet, come on Kylie, are clear snapchats too much to ask?

But wait, that’s not even the OMFG part of the story (I mean really Kylie, you think a little tat is going to get our attention, we were all already there when Rob got that hideous ‘City of Angels’ tattoo before he cheated on Adrienne). The real kicker here is that our friend Bang Bang let Kylie put a tat on him! Yes, someone trusted a Kardashian with a fucking tattoo gun! Apparently, she put a crown and obviously a giant K on this guy’s skin. If I were you, I would expect “Artist” to turn up on Kylie’s resume any day now.


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