Creepy Kylie Jenner Fan Got Her Lip Kit Swatches Tattooed On His Arm

At a certain point it’s like, do tattoo artists realize how fucked up this shit is? No, probs not. Def not when Johnny Cyrus, a Kylie Jenner “Superfan”, got all the lip swatches tattooed on his arm. Of all the Kardashian/Jenner mafia to worship, you pick Kylie? I’m not mad, Johnny, I’m disappointed.

Anyways, he got literally every shade released on his arm, as well as a K with a crown over it—no, I’m serious. I imagine someone will ask him “what’s that tattoo mean?”, thinking it’s something sentimental, and he’ll be like “it’s Kylie Jenner’s ‘Klassy K’ shade” and they’ll be like, please never talk to me again.

So like, doesn’t Blac China have a lipstick brand, too? Someone should def get hers tattooed on them and they could have an arm wrestling match. Look, I’m just throwin’ out ideas here.


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