Kylie Jenner And Kylie Minogue Are Beefing

Kylie Jenner pulled a Kris Jenner, not by dating a man with an inappropriate age gap—oh wait, that too—but by trying to trademark something that she def didn’t invent. For Kylie, it’s her name. Yes, seriously. Homegirl wants royalty payments for anytime anyone uses the word “Kylie.” If you’ll remember, Kris has been trying to get “momager” trademarked, even though Dina Lohan was a momager when Kris was pregnant with Kylie. Like mother, like daughter.

I’m not a trademark lawyer (or whatever those are called), but in my expert opinion Kylie is way too common of a name to pull this off. It’s not like Beyoncé or Madonna. It seems Kylie Minogue feels the same way, because she’s sueing the shit out of Kylie (Jenner, not herself…fucking duh). She filed an opposition to Kylie’s trademark application because she’s the OG Kylie.

It sounds like she actually has a decent case. Her website, which she bought in 1996—literally before Kylie was even born—is and her first album from 1988 was named Kylie. She like, invented the name, okay? Minogue also thinks that Kylie’s merchandise will “be confused with and mistaken for her goods and services.” I don’t think anyone buying Kylie Hair Kouture thinks she’s buying Kylie Minogue’s perfume (which, I am just learning now, is still a thing that exists). But whatever. Do you, Kylies.

So it’s a battle of new money and a has-been.

I just hope this becomes a full-out feud.


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