Kylie Jenner Manages To Make A Wildfire All About Herself

Kylie Jenner, the youngest and easily most annoying member of the Kardashian/Jenner mafia, took to Snapchat last weekend to document her fears about being near a fire in her hometown of Calabasas, CA. Not shitting you, as fires raged on and burnt buildings and shit, Kylie got on Snapchat and was like “omg am I going to have to evacuate?”

Um, generally bitch, that’s how fires work. Just sayin.

Then, in the world’s weirdest pissing match/snap conversation, Koko responded and was like “No Kylie, my house is closer to the fire than yours.”

KYLIE: I’m closest to the fire!
KLHOE: No, I’m closest to the fire!
KYLIE: Nuh uh!
KHLOE: Yuh huh!

Khloe did say “let’s pray for those who did get evacuated” so that’s like, whatever. Can for like, 6 seconds, the world not revolve around the Kardashians? Like how do you take a natural disaster and make it solely about you? That’s impressive. Who says they have no talent?





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