Kylie Jenner’s Juice Kleanse Didn’t Go So Well

If your entire life hasn’t been taken over by Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat story, then you’re a better woman than I am. Instead of being a celebrity, she’s joined the ranks of all the people I went to high school with that I haven’t spoken to since graduation and only keep up with via social media. Everytime I open Snapchat I’m like, oh Jenny is engaged and Kylie bought a marigold bikini, awesome. Well this week, Kylie and her non-famous friend Jordyn decided to do a juice cleanse.

For any girl who has ever done a juice cleanse, you know that Kylie was in for a day that would be almost as fun as pretending to like Blac Chyna. But considering that Kylie has repeatedly said she doesn’t work out regularly, she has to keep up with the Kardashian bodies somehow.

But Kylie, unlike any girl prepping for prom, couldn’t finish the cleanse. She had like four juices and then got cheese fries. Just kidding, she ordered sushi, like the basic SoCal girl she is. Kylie really is following in Kim’s footsteps of not following through on a promise. Except this was a one-day juice cleanse, not a marriage.

I’m honestly surprised that Kris didn’t use this as a marketing opportunity. Like, why couldn’t we join Kylie on her cleanse via her app?? Why isn’t Kylie selling a line of juices? I’m just really alarmed that the Kardashians did something without endorsing a product or doing a simultaneous Q&A session. Hold up, does anybody know how I can get in touch with Kris Jenner?

So better luck next time Kylie, and please somebody get on the Jenner Juice Kleanse branding.


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