Kylie Jenner And PartyNextDoor Went Bowling Like A Couple Of Losers

While you were busy trying to not be torn up about the demise of 2016’s power couple—Tyga and Kylie Jenner—Kylie was busy moving on to her next victim another irrelevant rapper. PartyNextDoor. Who? Honestly, I don’t fucking know and I’m still deciding whether or not I care, but apparently, things are getting hot and heavy between them. And by that I mean, tepid and dull. According to US Weekly, Kylie Jenner and PND went on their first official public date…at a bowling alley. Like common street rats. Below, the underwhelming evidence. 

Why would you step foot inside a bowling alley if you have 300 million gajillion—or literally even like 22—dollars? Is it because a bowling alley is one of three places where Tyga cannot legally be within 500 feet of? (The other two are elementary schools and the set of literally any Disney movie.)

Despite all of this, I still can’t tell if PND is an upgrade based solely on the fact that he’s not Tyga, or a downgrade based solely on the fact that he’s Canadian. Either way, he should probably try harder and take Kylie to a place that doesn’t rent clown shoes. Show the girl a little goddamn respect. 


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