What’s With Kylie Jenner And Sex Doll Shoots?

So Kylie did another sex doll shoot for a magazine cover. I mean I get it, a cover is a cover, but girl—do you really want to be known as a sex doll? Obviously in the case of Kylie that answer is yes, but like, why?

Let’s examine this for a minute, it’s definitely her lips that are getting magazines to think about putting her in a full sex doll uniform. But does she like, you know, like this, or is she just doing whatever Kris tells her to do? Like, Kylie’s not even 21 and she has already done more sex doll shoots than Kim. That is disturbing.

I mean to be honest though, I’m actually really surprised that she has yet to do a fully nude shoot.

Back in December she was featured in Interview magazine as a sex doll. Like, everyone openly admitted that she was styled to look like a sex doll. But this time, I wonder if they will do the same thing. She definitely looks like one, but I guess you could also say that she’s some kind of nerdy anime character too. Hmm, we shall see.

But oh, fun fact, this time she’s on the cover of Paper magazine, the same one where Kimmy did those famous “break the internet” nude shots. Way to keep it in the family.


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