Kylie Jenner Debuts A Lip Color That Matches Her Soul

Kylie Jenner’s monopoly on liquid lipstick knows no bounds. It feels like she releases a new color, like, every other day? The most recent shade, however, isn’t another mauve/naude. It’s a shade that literally no one except for Wednesday Addams needs. “Dead of Knight” is a black matte hue and probably something I will require everyone to wear at my funeral as they mourn how great I was.


No shocker here (because the actual Kylie Lip Kit business model is to pretend like everything’s in super high demand), the shade “sold out” in about 0.0000345 seconds. At least we know that at this point, for every NEW KYLIE JENNER LIP KIT that “sells out”, there’s approximately one million more around the corner that will also “sell out.” Hopefully the next release is something even more frivolous and unnecessary. Like a shade called “Klear” that’s actually just air. 


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