Kylie Jenner Did a Sex Doll Photoshoot and We’re Thoroughly Creeped Out

Another day, another Kylie Jenner scandal. This time, Kylie’s in the hot seat for her cover shoot for Interview Magazine, which we didn’t know was a thing until approximately yesterday. The photoshoot was touted as being Kylie’s raciest photoshoot yet, which shouldn’t be that surprising considering that she wasn’t 18 until like, a few months ago.

Originally, the biggest controversy about the photos was that Kylie’s bare ass was shown, but it didn’t stop there. In the few days since the pictures were released, Kylie has been getting a ton of shit for posing in a wheelchair. Everyone is up in arms because it’s offensive to handicapped people, and disabilities shouldn’t be used for fashion purposes.

Obviously it’s never good to offend people (LOL), so Kylie and/or Interview Magazine should probably apologize before there’s a riot. We love your lip products Kylie, but this might be a mistake.


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