Kylie Jenner Got A Tattoo For Tyga Like A Fucking Idiot

Guys, it’s a new year. There’re 362 more days to ~write your story~ and you can do anything you set your mind to. Just look at Kylie Jenner for example. She’s pretty famous for getting tiny pointless tattoos all over her body for the past 19 years and this year is no different. Except this time, it’s in honor of her deadbeat almost 30-year-old boyfriend of the past 2 (maybe more) years.

That’s right. She finally showed Tyga how dedicated she is to their relationship and got a tiny “T” inscribed on her ankle. The tattoo is little af and the only one I’m aware of that’s in black ink. I could be wrong but honestly, I’m usually not.

Always right

It’s decisions like these that I wonder where the fuck Kris Jenner is. Do less momagering and more momming, Kris. Your youngest daughter is in love with someone whose car has been repossessed in his (short) lifetime. Do better.

Anyway, when they break up next week she’s going to feel like a fucking idiot. What’s she going to tell people it stands for then? I guess it could easily be turned into an “R” for “Realizing Stuff”.

Realizing Stuff


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