Kylie Jenner Is The World’s Best Sugar Mama

On this week’s episode of why Kylie Jenner is too good for Tyga: the 19-year-old buys her boyfriend a new car because his was repossessed. All I’m looking for is a man to buy me dinner without expecting sex afterwards, and homeboy is getting sports cars as rewards for fucking up??

Apparently Tyga didn’t pay several of his monthly payments for his Ferrari, so the dealership repossessed it. I guess that’d be almost understandable if this wasn’t a 26-year-old man. Maybe because she was sick of being Tyga’s chauffeur or maybe because Tyga’s Uber rating is too low, Kylie bought him a Bentley.

What does it do to your ego when your teenage girlfriend buys you a car because you can’t manage your money? Does that feel worse than when your baby mama gets pregnant with your girlfriend’s brother? Honestly, I would become a therapist just to have Tyga as a client.

Too bad Kylie can’t buy Tyga a successful career.


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