Kylie Jenner Claims She Does Her Own Makeup, Is Definitely Lying

Forget the Presidential election or even fucking making dinner for yourself—something way more important is happening in the world. The other night, Kylie Jenner posted a makeup tutorial to her Snap Story, trying to get us to believe that this girl actually does her own makeup.

Since this happened the world has basically stopped turning.

Predictably, Teen Vogue wrote a whole fucking novel about the shit Kylie uses to make her plastic surgery look as natural as possible, but I don’t have the time or energy to write it down. Nor do I care that much, but honestly, all I really have to say about it is that for an everyday fucking look she’s wearing a shit ton of makeup.

She like, mixes two different foundations, sets her eyebrows with gel, contours her face (obvs), and probably also kills baby unicorns so she can have the perfect highlight on her goddamn cheekbone. It just seems like a lot of effort for a daytime event. Like, there’s no way she does this every day. She gets paid to breathe, so she’s definitely paying someone to do it for her even if she put it up on a fucking Snap Story showing how she does it herself. Tell me you haven’t staged something for a good Snap Story and I’ll call you out on being the fucking liar that you are.

Whatever. Whether Kylie Jenner does her makeup or not, she’s only 18 but looks 30 and that makes me feel a lot better.


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