4 Useless Beauty Products Kylie Jenner Travels With

If you were losing sleep over what beauty products Kylie Jenner travels with, then thank God for you, because she just posted a full list of them on her website. Unfortunately, Kylie’s “travel bag essentials” are mostly confusing and unclear, so I’m going to have to write this off as another PR move for Kylie to look “grounded” or something. (Hard to do though, considering she once spent $5,000 on Chinese food delivery.)

Anyway, here’s what Kylie brings with her when she travels, apparently.

1. Facial Moisturizer: Vitamin E Oil from CVS

Wait but, like, your mansion is worth 2.7 million dollars, and you use this as a facial moisturizer???

2. Perfume: Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

True fact: the more adjectives there are to describe your signature scent, the more nauseating you are to be around. Kylie explained, “If you’re not in the mood for perfume, you just spray this everywhere and in your hair, and it just makes you smell nice.” If by nice you mean like a common street hooker, then K.

3. For Hand Washing: Purell 

“I always travel with Purell because when you’re on planes and stuff, they say the bathroom water is not sanitary, so I never wash my hands in the bathroom.” Too bad you can’t wash Kris Jenner out of your genes with Purell.

4. For Moisturizer, Again: La Mer Creme de La Mer

Thank the damn lord that something on this list makes sense. It was starting to look like the travel bag of a 13 year old girl from middle America.

Once again, Kylie Jenner’s website, everybody. Where we pay $2.99/month to learn that Purell is an OK substitute for washing your hands. (And she’s the dumb one?) 


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