Kristen Stewart Is Dating Her Assistant (Who Happens to Be a Woman)

Remember all those years when Kristen Stewart was dating Rob Pattinson and she literally looked like she’d rather be anywhere else on the planet? Well, that might just be her face, or it might have been because she’s really more into females.

This weekend, Kristen was spotted holding hands with her personal assistant and rumored girlfriend Alicia Cargile at the airport. Alicia’s not the first girl that K Stew has had a thing with, but she’s always kept it very low-key.

Judging from pictures of them together, they basically have the same style except Alicia doesn’t ever wear dresses. They both have the same ratty bleached hair, so at least they can probably share shampoo.

We’re really just curious how it works to date your personal assistant. Do they still carry your shit and get you Starbucks? When they sleep over, do they have to make the bed in the morning? We literally have a million questions about this, but also we’d really like a personal assistant.


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