Watch Kristen Stewart Play An Actress Who Is Playing Coco Chanel In Karl Lagerfeld’s Weird New Short Film

Kristen Stewart, who is still inexplicably employed as an actress, will be in our faces again soon as the star of Once and Forever a new Karl Lagerfeld joint that premiered at the Chanel pre-fall collection debut in Rome on Tuesday.

In the movie, Kristen doesn’t just play Coco Chanel. No fucking way. That would be too not stupid. Instead, Kristen plays an actress who is playing Coco Chanel in a film and honestly being a real bitch about it.

It appears that KStew nabbed another sweet deal as she was allowed to wear multiple original vintage Chanel pieces for the roll (lucky slut). Karl Lagerfeld went on record and called Stewart “one of the greatest actors of her generation,” which is not true but whatever. Also, Charlie Chaplin’s daughter is in it?

You can watch the whole 11 minute film or you can not because 11 minutes is like, 7 minutes too long. 


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