Kristen Stewart Bleached Her Hair, Looks Even More Cracked Out Than Usual

Kristen Stewart seems to be devoted to looking like she makes way less money than she does, which must explain why she just decided to bleach her already fugly chopped hair. She debuted the new look while flying out of LAX on Monday, and paired it with a gross black beanie, a white men’s undershirt, and leather jacket. For someone who is literally the face of Chanel, it seems like she might try to look more put together than a character from The Outsiders, but I guess not.

Apparently Kristen is actually a natural blonde, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to just fuck up your hair because you feel like it. Not on my watch. Also, try to imagine a world in which Kristen Stewart is a natural blonde. It really just doesn’t make sense. Either way, please see a hairstylist ASAP, Kristen, because you look a damn mess.


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