Kristen Bell Accidentally Took an Uber Pool with Plebes

Kristen Bell, we feel for you. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star accidentally called an Uberpool when she meant to call a regular Uber and the results were entertaining.

When the driver stopped to pick up another passenger, she tweeted:


Of course celebs have no idea that plebes resort to sharing a car ride for a lower fare, but she was a good sport about it.

According to her live tweeting of the car ride, it was an awkward ride and she spent most of it on her phone.

At one point she had the horrific realization that she might get dropped off first – and they would follow her home. Luckily her fellow passengers got the boot before she did, and she made it home safe.

We couldn’t help notice she hasn’t tweeted since announcing she was “safe and sound” though. Hopefully her close encounter with civilians didn’t make her wither away in normalcy.


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