All the Details on Kris Jenner’s New Man

So Kris Jenner is back on the dating scene and her new boyfriend is Corey Gamble. Don't recognize that name? It's because he's got a first class ticket on the HMS Irrelevancy. He's apparently a road manager for Justin Bieber's manager. Like, what does that even mean?? All I hear is Justin Bieber groupie.

So Kris and Corey (he'll need to legally change his name to Korey for the TV wedding) are getting pretty serious (read: ready for the paparazzi). They've been out on several dates together, went to Kim Kardashian's birthday party in Las Vegas together, and vacationed in Mexico. They've officially spent more time together than Kim and Kris Humphries.

Like I guess I'm impressed she got back on the market so quickly, but like homegirl used her daughter's sex tape to make her family millions of dollars. She deserves better. Let's make Kris the next Bachelorette.




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