Kris Jenner Sang Trap Queen In a Pool And We Are Thoroughly Uncomfortable (WATCH)

Love Magazine does their annual advent calendar, but this year they’ve truly outdone themselves. We’re only a week into December, and this is already way too much to handle. Here are the lowlights so far:

Day 1 was Kendall Jenner being left shark in Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Think Jaws meets haute couture, with a dash of Sharknado.

Day 2 was Gigi Hadid’s sexts to Zayn Malik.

Day 3 was a casual Tuesday at home for Pamela Anderson.

But Day 7 is probably the most uncomfortable thing in the world, besides watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene happens. Kris Jenner. In a pool. Listening to Trap Queen. Let’s just add this video to the list of things white people ruined in 2015. It’s an Elizabeth Taylor vibe that fails so hard, Saint West has second hand embarrassment. In the words of Kourtney Kardashian, “This is so embarrassing for your soul.”


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