Cool Mom Kris Jenner Being Sued For Throwing Kendall a Rager

Cool mom Kris Jenner rented a house in Bel-Air for Kendall’s 19th birthday, which seems kind of shitty considering that Kylie had like 48 parties when she turned 18 but whatever. According to Kris, it was a pretty low-key evening. They had dinner, and a couple of people stayed the night (Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Justin Bieber??). If watching Kendall on KUWTK is any clue, she probably ate a caprese salad, got drunk from one gin and tonic with dinner, and took like 379 pictures for Insta.

Apparently though, shit got wild. Kendall’s 100 closest friends rolled through, somebody brought a Jambox, and a stripper performed. So, like a Tuesday night at any frat. The only reason this party was relevant – like besides the obvious – was that French Montana was Khloe’s +1.

Kris is being sued for $101, 450 in damage and $50,000 “for loss of use of the property.” In case you were wondering, that’s like a 2 hour appearance fee for Kendall. There’s a lot of legal bullshit like “intentional misrepresentation, deceit, concealment of a material fact known to the defendants, and despicable conduct.” Which is ironically the same thing Kris Humphries said about his marriage to Kim. 


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