Kris Jenner Wants To Trademark #ProudMama

Kris “I get 10% of everything my daughters make” Jenner is channeling her inner Taylor Swift and trying to trademark #ProudMama, because no mother has ever been prouder of her children than a woman who made millions from her daughter’s sex tape. Unless you unfollowed Kris on social media after the Kris talk show debacle of 2013, she uses #ProudMama when showing off any success of the Kardashian-Jenner girls – maybe one day Rob will make the cut.

The reason she’s filing for the trademark is so that anybody who uses #ProudMama for advertising purposes has to get her approval first and pay her. So like does that include Yolanda Foster?? Kris Jenner is many things, but wasteful is not one of them. Can we please get this woman on Celebrity Apprentice? 


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