Kris Jenner Is Planning Rob’s Wedding, So He’ll Be Divorced Within A Year

Continuing the grand tradition of planning her children’s weddings, Kris Jenner is stepping up to the plate for the child with the smallest ass: Rob. Even though Blac Chyna is pregnant, this feels like less of a shot gun wedding than when Khloe married Lamar in 13 days. But I have a very important question for Rob and Blac: Why the fuck are you letting the patron saint of divorce plan your wedding???

Let’s look at Kris’ track record. She’s planned four weddings, all of which have ended in divorce. Her own weddings to Robert Kardashian Sr. and Bruce Jenner, Khloe and Lamar, Kim and Kris Humphries. There was definitely a reason why Kim excluded her from planning her wedding with Kanye—she wanted that marriage to last.

I get that Rob needs all the help he can get, especially because this wedding and pregnancy was probably just to fuck with Kylie and Tyga, but Kris is not the woman to save the day. Amber Rose needs to step in before this wedding is hit with the Kris Jenner divorce curse.


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