Kris Jenner Is Dating Again, Let The Games Begin

For the first time in decades, the fourth sister Kris is officially on the dating scene. Aside from being amusing, this could also be the premise of a reality show and frankly I'm surprised Kris and Patti haven't gotten on that yet.

We all knew that after her divorce, it was just a matter of time before Kris stepped out with another, younger, man. Over the weekend we saw that happen. Kris was seen getting intimate with an unidentified large black man at a California restaurant. Her date wore diamond studs and multiple other pieces of jewelry. The pair shared a meal and flirty glances before leaving together.

We've been watching Khloe, Kim and Kourtney date / wed / divorce for the past eight years but this is the first time Kris has jumped into the mix and things could get spicy. Who's to say whether this was just a casual date or a budding relationship, but we would like to see more. A lot more.




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