The Cubs Third Baseman Is A Regulation Hottie

So, like, baseball players are hot. It’s a pretty well-proven and widely believed theory. Betches love baseball players.

But there’s the hot, standard baseball player, and then there’s Kris Bryant.

kris bryant

Kris Bryant is the third baseman for the Chicago Cubs who were, for the record, the best team in baseball this year.

kris bryant 2

Off the baseball diamond, he’s a model for Express. Good on you, Express. This guy deserves to be plastered on every billboard across the country.

Kris Bryant express

He looks fucking good in a suit. If he wasn’t so damn good at baseball (which he is, he may be the MVP this year), he would be cut out for the world of mergers and acquisitions.

kris bryant suit

And he looks fucking good in jeans. So maybe he could also be a cowboy? Idk, just fantasizing here.

Kris Bryant jeans

He really looks good in everything. Fine, he’s perfect.

Kris Bryant 3

The Cubs are in the playoff hunt. If they win, you can bet your ass that it’s because Kris’ beauty was too much for the opponents to handle. Or because he’s good at baseball. Whatever, love you Kris.

Kris Bryant dugout portrait


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