Kourtney And Scott Announced On Snapchat They’re Getting Back Together

The saga continues: are Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian back together or nah?  Earlier today Kourtney posted a series of videos on her Snapchat story that sent her fans into the biggest tizzy since we all saw Selena Gomez at Justin Bieber’s concert (it’s definitely too late to say sorry to Hailey Baldwin). The videos start with Kourtney going to the studio to film her interviews for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and as she walks in she croons “look who it is. Baby Daddy Disick at the studio. I run into him today.”  Nothing intense about that besides Scott getting too angry about her filming her own entrance.  Aggressive.

The next video is the two of them sitting on a couch together where Scott announces, and I quote, “Hey.  So, um, we wanted you guys to hear it first; we are getting back together…” and he leans in to kiss Kourtney. She laughs and goes, “No,” but it was confusing what she was saying no to. No to them getting back together, or no to the PDA Scott was trying to put on her? At this video my heart literally leapt out of my chest because when we last saw Scott he was dating a Kendall Jenner lookalike, does he even deserve Kourtney after stooping that low?

The last but certainly not the least important video places the pair in a hallway of some sort, play-fighting and laughing when Scott literally just grabs Kourtney’s boob and the scene cuts off. What does this all mean?

Well, if you also follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat (Sidebar: Her snapstory is so fucking long.  Listen, as much as I love that you listen to Snow Patrol while you drive alone at night, I don’t need 3 different videos of you doing it.  Calm the fuck down.) you’ll see that she asks Kourtney the very same thing: “so I heard on Snapchat that you guys are back together?” Kourt replies in her usual dry manner, “did you not hear me say no at the end?”  Scott then chimes in with, “she’s just playing hard to get…” So, are they or aren’t they back together? Maybe they’re just really great at being exes? I know plenty of couples who are broken up and don’t hate each other and not once have I seen them playfully grab each other’s boobs…


Baby Daddy Disick

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