Kourtney K Shows us Her Insane Way to Eat Kit Kats

They are our favorite people we love to hate shame on Insta (but for real you know you secretly love them all), the Kardashians. And it seems every time things seem to calm down and get all “normal” they throw us a curveball (Caitlyn forever wins that challenge).

But most recently, it’s little miss mom, Kourtney’s turn. Although most of us are so sad to see Scott go (#TeamScottForever), lately its been seeming that she is just so boring and old momish. However, for all of you losers paying for her app, you knew she’s as crazy as ever.

Apparently, there are thousands of people out there PAYING for Kardashian Kontent. It’s not like you can’t get naked photos of them just by googling “Paper.” Anyway, apparently there are enough losers with sad enough lives that they need to pay to hear about the nonsense that the Kardashians can’t kram into their 10 TV shows through their apps. All I can say is, you have to watch this video of Kourtney describing her life changing way of eating a KitKat bar. Definitely a must see (as long as you don’t pay for it).  


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