Kourtney Kardashian Literally Highlights Her Ass

Like the other members of her family, the eldest Kardashian sister doesn’t fuck around when it comes to contouring, either. While on a secret photo shoot, Kourtney took to Snapchat to document how she uses highlighter, and in order to keep up with the Kardashians—who manipulate the appearance of their own backsides probs 7-8 times a day—she put it on an area of her body where none of us should be surprised. Seriously, if you’re surprised, SHAME ON YOU.

Her ass. She used it on her ass.

A Kardashian shoot wouldn’t be a Kardashian shoot without gratuitous use of makeup, so behold, Kourtney giving herself a little “booty highlight,” with the help of family favorite makeup artist/indentured servant Mario Dedivanovic:

Not to be outdone, Kim showed up to the shoot shortly after. “So I’m on set today, but it’s actually not a photoshoot for me for once!” Kim said via her own Snapchat. “It’s for one of my sisters and she stole my glam team!” GTFO of here, Kim! No one invited you. Let Kourt and her highlighted ass have their time to (literally) shine!

I literally personally feel like Kim did that on purpose, and it was literally personally so rude seriously. Like, honestly personally. 


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