Is Lord Disick Actually Back With The Fam?

Another day, another piece of Snapchat proof that Kourtney and Scott are definitely not dunzo. #TeamScott

Yup, the eldest Kardashian posted several snaps of her and the kiddies on a tiny plane with The Lord himself in L.A. after they reunited in Nantucket last week. Can you get more domestic than a trip to Massachusetts?

On that note, can we just all agree that Kourtney and Scott’s kids are going to be so ungodly good-looking when they grow up? They will put the Hadids to shame. I know Kim and Khloé think she was crazy for having multiple kids with a guy she wasn’t even married to, but the girl knew what she was doing.

Also, how obsessed are we with her gold choker?



A photo posted by Kourtney’s Snapchat (@kourtneysnapchat) on


And I think I caught a glimpse of little Mason wearing a baller gold chain as well.


At least Scott has been present enough to teach his offspring his fashionable ways.

Scott, can you please get your shit together and FINALLY make this official??? I mean, seriously. I don’t know how you can make your family more “official” than by having 3 kids with a betch, but figure it out. I love you, but I mean, SERIOUSLY.


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