Kourtney Attended Scott’s Birthday Party; We Officially Can’t Keep Up Anymore

Scott Disick turned 33 this weekend, and he celebrated the only way he knows how: a huge private party at 1Oak in Vegas. The party was standard Lord Disick fare, with a Rolls-Royce cake and some greasy men who look like sexual predators, but the most interesting guests were familiar faces: Kourtney and Khloé.

We’ve honestly gotten whiplash in the last year or ten by trying to keep up with Scott and Kourtney’s relationship, but it would appear that the two are at least on good terms (if not fucking), and Kourt looked hot in a camo dress.

Slightly more surprising is Khloé’s attendance, considering she’s been Scott’s biggest shit-talker for basically a decade. She’s probably just being a supportive sister, but she also dressed to impress in a pink latex dress. She definitely wins the award for Most Improved Kardashian. Her BFF Malika was there too, which reminds us: has Dash Dolls gotten cancelled yet?


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