10 Thoughts We Have On “Kocktails With Khloe”

So Khloe Kardashian’s new show premiered Wednesday night, and after all the “buzz” we’ve heard I was still surprised. Now I’m not saying that I was expecting 60 Minutes, but I will say that was a little weird to not hear Khloe answer questions in the typical KUWTK konfessional.


1. Who was that random chef they had serving them all night?

2. I feel like Kendall’s outfit is way too slutty for a casual fake dinner party, and her lips are way too aggressive. We get it, you are a supermodel.

3. This fake set/house is so much shittier than the Kardashians’ real houses on KUWTK, half the reason I watch their shows is to see the closets full of Loubs and Chanel, maybe deterrent that this show has none of that.

4. I did like the whole “Swiper” thing, and I do appreciate that Khloe made sure they were picking who they wanted to “bang.” Love the honesty.

5. Kendall, just stop with your “drunk Khloe story” ok? We have all seen way better versions of drunk Khloe.

6. I feel like I want a drunk name, Khlo-money is a pretty good one. 

7. Why was Snoop Dogg there?


8. I don’t like how Kendall keeps acting like she better than everyone because she “can’t” drink.

9. Snoop is way too talented for this show, that toast was pure poetry.

10. I will probably record these and then watch them on a day where I call in sick to work because it is snowing.


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