Watch The Most Awkward Kiss Cam Moment of all Time

Monday night the San Antonio Spurs played the Utah Jazz in a sporty game of shooty ball. We don’t care about that. What we do care about is how fucking amazing the camera operator was when it came time for a pre-game round of everybody’s favorite jumbo-Tron event: The Kiss Cam.

If you enjoy watching a full minute of awkwardness between two people who are not you, this video is for you.


Well… things got a little awkward during pregame last night…

Posted by San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At first, this poor SOB gets totally friend-zoned when the girl next to him straight refuses to play along.

Cleverly, the promo team for the Spurs asks if it’s a first date. The couple seems to shake their heads no.

It gets worse from there.

Homeboy goes for the kiss and gets fully rejected. Hilarious.

But TBH, I feel kind of bad for the guy. He isn’t totally bad looking so unless his mouth smelled like 1,200 chilidogs had a fight and died in his stomach, I can’t figure out why this girl wouldn’t just end everyone’s misery and kiss him. Was she with her best friend’s boyfriend? Is this girl just the coldest of cold-hearted betches? Was she fighting misogyny by failing to comply with the heteronormative tradition that is Kiss Cam?

I had a full Chad Radwell-explaining the rules of Truth or Dare-moment while watching this. If Kiss Cam points at you and you aren’t sitting next to your brother, cousin, or dad, you kiss the person next to you. Those are the rules. That’s how it works.

Eventually they kiss, but it’s like the tiniest, most pathetic kiss of all time.

Poor guy. 


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