Kirstie Alley Joins Ranks Of Barely Relevant Celebs Supporting Trump

Personally, I always knew she was an idiot.

Over the weekend, Kirstie Alley published her support for #TeamTrump on Twitter, joining an extremely strong support base that includes Aaron Carter, Hulk Hogan, and Stephen Baldwin, among other barely relevant celebs.

As we’ve seen in the insanity that is Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, he does HORRIBLY with women, except for Kirstie Alley and those Hoes4Trump.

Honestly, I don’t think this does a whole lot for Trump’s campaign. I mean really, who wants Kirstie Alley endorsing their shit? I mean, she’s known for campaigning for Jenny Craig, gaining all the weight back, and then campaigning for Jenny Craig again, and like, her role in It Takes Two.

Regardless of how YUUUGE Kirstie is, she’s one of those celebs who thinks they’re making a difference on Twitter. You’re not, girl. Go back to tweeting about your weird childhood desires. 


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