Kim Kardashian West Proves Ball Is Life For Kanye’s B-Day

Kim Kardashian planned Kanye's 38th birthday party like it was his 8th birthday party, and bros everywhere want to give her the Wife of the Year Award. She rented out the Staples Center where the NBA Clippers and Lakers play (ever heard of them?) so that Kanye and his friends could play the world's douchiest game of pick-up basketball.

The two teams were West and East, because all of the South West jokes weren't enough focus on the ~ hilarious coincidence ~ of Kanye's last name. James Harden and 2 Chainz coached, and we can only hope 2 Chainz's half-time speech featured “I wish he wood like a kitchen cabinet.” John Legend sang the National Anthem like he was proposing to America, and Kris Jenner might have cried.


Kanye blowing out his candles then kisses Bae then says what's good to @Atrak at the staples center @kimkardashian @godsmessenger

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Jun 8, 2015 at 4:04pm PDT


But Kim wanted to make Kanye's NBA dreams come true so she had NBA referees and Laker girls at the party. She also had Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, Scottie Pippen, and Shaq film videos for the jumbotron. So basically the whole thing was a lot more legit then a New York Knicks game.


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