Kim Kardashian’s Releasing The Updated Selfie Book No One Asked For

Selfish, a book that’s shockingly not my memoir (fuck you, mom!), but is instead, Kim Kardashian-West’s book of selfies, will be getting a not-at-all-needed expansion.

Kimmy announced on her Instagram that two new chapters will be added to her book of selfies (sidebar: every time I type “book of selfies” I die a little more inside) resulting in 64 pages of new content. Wait. 64 pages? 64 FUCKING PAGES OF MORE SELFIES?

Kim, I love you. No not really, I actually despise everything you represent, but ever since you put Taylor Swift on blast I hate you significantly less so that counts for something. So Kim, I hate you less than I used to, but 64 pages? Of SELFIES? WHHYYYYYYYYYYY

Kim Kardashian Kanye West SMH

*Ten minutes later* YYYYYYYYYYYY???

No really. Why? 


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