Some Rando Keeps Getting Tagged in Kim Kardashian’s Instas

So some random 17-year-old kid from Turkey keeps getting tagged by accident by Kim Kardashian. It turns out that he has almost the exact same Twitter and Insta handle as a famous celebrity photographer. This kid’s name is Mert Alas and the photographer’s name is also Mert Alas. However, their handles are: @MertaLas and @MertaIas, respectively. So basically the kid has the real handle—for those of you without a microscope handy, the famous guy had to fake it with a capital i to look like a lowercase L. So far I am liking this kid.

We are about to like this kid even more because he has been trolling Kim K whenever she does this. He keeps tweeting at her with funny things in Turkish (and some in English), like “You’re going to get me in trouble with your husband.” (LOL like Kanye even looks at her Twitter). So I’m pretty sure that’s why Kimmy is just ignoring them, I mean who has the time to press the little “translate” button, amirite?


So basically, this kid is a hero because he has been getting free followers from this mix-up and has even made it onto the Turkish news because of it. Oh and btw, this isn’t even the first celeb this has happened to him with—back in 2014 Miley Cyrus did the same thing. Now all I need to become famous is for somebody else with the same exact name as me to become famous first. Sounds like a plan.


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