Kim Kardashian Returned To Social Media For A Hot Second

2016 has taken so much from us: Brangelina, the orange and avocado shortages, and Kim K’s social media presence. Ever since she was (allegedly) robbed in Paris, Kim disapeared from Snapchat, Insta, Twitter, Facebook, her app, and Kik (but nobody uses that shit anymore, so who cares). Well yesterday our lives were blessed with the greatest miracle since lite beer: Kim Kardashian posted on Facebook.

But unlike a betch who has just come back from summer camp and shares all of her summer pics, Kim just did a bunch of promotional stuff. She did a lumee advertisement and a Steph Shep (read: a KUWTK extra) blog post. Maybe Kris Jenner and her social media endorsements finally told Kim her vacation was over. But still, if this is a sign of things to come aka nude selfies, artsy photos of North and Reign, and another Snapchat takedown, I’m willing to be patient. 

Update: Apparently the reason nobody seemed to go apeshit over this news is because Kim’s posts were taken down hours after they were put up. Someone told Us Weekly that the posts were “an error” and that Kim is still “figuring out when is the right time for her to come back.” In related news, Kim’s social media intern was definitely fired.


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