Kim Kardashian Poses Nude For GQ, Just Another Day In The Life

Another day, another dollar, another cry for help attention from Kim Kardashian. As the cover girl of GQ’s 10th anniversary Love, Sex, and Madness Issue, Kim Kardashian has never looked this naked. Except for every other time she has posed naked and also a little thing called her sex tape.

As you may or may not know, Kim Kardashian has nipples that she likes to almost show you and sometimes just straight-up show you. If I had a dollar for every time I almost saw Kim Kardashian’s nipples, I’d still have a lot less dollars than her, but probably more than Ray J.

What I’m saying is, this type of cover looks pretty familiar. Remember the Paper mag shoot from 2014? Or the spread for Love magazine from February 2015? Or the 300 other naked shoots she’s done? Me neither because they are all the same and have morphed into one big, bare ass image that’s forever ingrained in my brain. 

I love the fact that Kim loves the fact that Kim loves her body (feminism). But like….we get it. I’m tired. If I have to see one more photo of Kimmy’s ass I might fall asleep and go into a coma, I’m so fucking bored by its presence. 


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