Kim Kardashian Posts Another Nude Selfie, Groundbreaking

You know what’s very new, shocking, and edgy? Kim Kardashian just posted a naked photo of herself to her Snapchat. Just kidding. This isn’t a surprise. She literally does this once a month since she became relevant (due to her momager’s decision to release her sex tape). I’ve seen Kim Kardashian naked almost as many times as I’ve seen myself naked and considering I’ve been living with myself for almost 22 years, that’s a fucking lot.

According to BuzzFeed, Kim took to Snapchat last night to show off her newly sprayed tan and not only posted a photo of herself covering her boobs with her right arm, but also a video that was entirely pointless because she wasn’t moving and was very far away from her mirror.

Obviously Kim looks great. She’s had two kids and recently got down to her goal weight. That entire family is #goals when it comes to post-pregnancy bodies and gym sessions in general (with the exception of Rob). But honestly, are we not bored with her whole “give me attention because I’m naked” thing? We get it, you’re “empowered” by your body and your sexuality, but give it a rest. It’s literally nothing we haven’t seen before. At the very least let there be a reason you’re fucking posing naked other than the fact that you had a spray tan. No one was under the impression you didn’t fake tan yourself, considering the rest of your body isn’t real either.



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