Kim Kardashian Honors Earth Day in Moving Instagram Tribute


Yesterday was Earth Day, and when Kim Kardashian found out about this halfway through the day, she wanted to do something about it. While many other celebrities went about their normal lives, Kim displayed her impassioned relationship with the environment by posting an incredible bikini selfie on Instagram.

There are a lot of things that make this picture so inspiring, but here’s what we think most demonstrates her commitment to this holiday:

Location – Kim shows us you do NOT have to go outside in order to celebrate our planet. Bring the outdoors inside for a more immersive (and wasteful but w/e) experience.

Subject matter as it relates to actual environmental issues – Thank God I’m not the only one who’s tired of talk about ‘global warming’ and depleting natural resources. Let’s get a dialogue going about household plants already. 

Her pose – If I couldn’t see her physically holding the camera, I literally would have thought this was a candid. So glad Kim could capture a photo of her looking totally natural and comfortable with herself. This is how I look all the time.

Her outfit – Kim is so conservative and understated here that it’s hard to even notice she’s in the photo. Especially given the beautiful plants featured, she’s completely humbled.

Her shameless captioning/ promotion – Kim has got a selfie for EVERY occasion. Even something as random and insignificant as Earth Day lol!

An Earth Day effort this heartfelt comes as no surprise to us, considering that everything about the Kardashian family screams natural. Thank you Kim, for this awesome reminder that celebrities really can make a difference. We can’t wait to see what you do next for our planet, and also how many trees were killed in the process of printing the millions of copies of #Selfish for the May 5 release.


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