Kim K thinks Taylor Swift Is a Scum Sucking Road Whore, Same TBH

It’s been a couple of months, so we’ve all gotten over the emotional exhaustion that was the release of The Life of Pablo. The fashion show, Lamar’s appearance, Tidal, changing the title – it was officially too much for a couple of good songs on the pregame playlist. My favorite song on the album is Famous aka “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? Because I made that bitch famous.” If you don’t think that’s poetry, then you probably have read more books than I have.

Obvi everyone who thinks that Taylor is the second coming of Jesus Christ thought it was the most offensive thing since Kanye interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs. Compared to Drake destroying Meek Mill in two songs, Kanye’s lyric was amateur hour. Anyway, Kanye said that he had Taylor approve the line and she thought it was funny. But when the song was released, Taylor’s rep said that she had never heard the song, he didn’t tell her about it, and she didn’t say it was okay to release.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that probably happened to you and your friend group a billion times in middle school. Sarah told you that she had invited Becky to her sleepover and Becky couldn’t come, but then Becky told you that Sarah never invited her. The only difference is that Kanye wears Yeezy Season 2, not Juicy Couture.

Anyway, Kim gave an interview to GQ where she totally called Taylor out for being a fucking liar. Kanye has the entire phone conversation with Taylor about the lyric on video recording, but Taylor refuses to sign the consent form to release the tape. Like Kim you have the screenshots to prove this bitch is a sociopath – put her on blast! Kim didn’t just defend Kanye, she talked more shit about Taylor than any cast member on the Real Housewives.

“My husband gets so much shit for things when he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved. She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t. [She] completely dissed my husband to play the victim again. It was funny because Taylor said, ‘When I get on the Grammy red carpet, all the media is going to think that I’m so against this, and I’ll just laugh and say,’The joke’s on you, guys. I was in on it the whole time.'”

Basically, Taylor tried to win the media war with the innocent act, but this is not Kim Kardashian West’s first rodeo. I guess Kanye wasn’t joking when he told us he’s from a tribe called check a hoe. 


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