Kim Kardashian Exhausted From Too Much Sex

Kim won’t shut up about how much ass she’s getting in the new premiere for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim and Kanye are going for baby #2, and this one’s proving a little more difficult their sophomore go at it.

In the premiere, Kim squeezes in a quickie with Kanye between a nude photo shoot because she’s trying to conceive and she’s ‘ovulating.’  She tells everyone she has to remain horizontal after sex so Kanye’s sperm can swim up to impregnate her. Ugh, that is way more than we cared to ever know.

The rest of the episode featured some shady drama with Bruce and a poorly attended Hawaiian dinner party. But definitely way too much talk of ovulation and recaps of when Kim had sex. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kim launched an app that pings you everytime she and Kanye have sex. Given the effectiveness of her #breaktheinternet cover, she might have something there. Then whoever cares can get their little texts and she can just leave the rest of us alone.

We hope she gets pregnant soon for no other reason that that we can stop hearing about her attempts. 




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