Another Week, Another Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Scandal

Kim Kardashian West took another nude selfie, but this time with a supermodel friend Emily Ratajkowski. It’s a total play on the last nude selfie Kim posted“I have nothing to wear lol”— except this time Kim and Emily knew people were going to talk mad shit about it, so they flipped off the iPhone.

How many variations of this photo were taken in spring break hotels with bikini tops instead of black censor bars? Too many.

The people already insulting (in-slut-ing?) Kim and Emily are really missing the whole point of these photos: they think they’re really pretty, and they wanted to take a selfie. It’s not fucking rocket science, it’s self-esteem. Piers Morgan aka the Simon Cowell try-hard whose mother obviously didn’t love him enough as a child is already slut-shaming them on Twitter. I guess World War III is being waged against hot women posting selfies.

Damn, Piers, how about YOU try wearing a little STFU?

Can Kim please listen to the people and take her next nude selfie with Amber Rose tho??? The world has waited long enough.


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